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lirik lagu kalel – yami



i always tell ’em only fear god, and then you could knock your phobias
or play your cards right and you could draw exodia
i always told em but it seem it hard for them to hear it
cuz the heart of cards ain’t here and all these weevils by the ocean front
say holy f-ck, what is what? i ain’t fake at all
but i see n-gg-s switchin sides like a change of heart
n-gg-s weaker than a bunch of f-ckin tea cards
basically i’m takin off
f-ck whoever hatin dawg
face it yall
all this heat, i could battle h-ll
i spit the bars that get you locked in the shadow realm
i battle well, this battle ox’ll leave a fleet of corpses
think you got it ’til i’m pullin out the reinforcements
really gorgeous how the f-ck i keep flowin
go and get it
nonviolent but don’t test him, there i said it
this a labyrinth
but either path you take to try and cross me
you gon’ need a paradox or a paramedics
i’m fearless brethren, walk a path with them ten toes
hardly ever tip toe, don’t gotta trap my kinfolk
hoes be settin traps too, but i don’t need to worry
cuz like what the f-ck’s a trap when a n-gg- been jinzo
i hear they got that [?]
but i got dynamite
and if they trying to hide, got that revealing light
cuz i don’t need no f-ckin help, i’ll be fine aight
i feel like i’m f-ckin gearfried the iron knight
let this sh-t be televised so when i get it, testify
haters, they’ll be dead inside or we just gonna get the cider
n-gg- spittin h-lla fire
like i drew a red eyes or chimera flyin
like i won the tourny[?] or it’s genocide
or like i need them checks aight
trying to get that cheddar right
ocean front get pesticide, you best to see i’m next in line
battle for that fetty right
’til i put like all the keys together and i’m stackin all that money like i’m seto kaiba