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lirik lagu k michelle – bury my heart


bury my heart

[verse 1:]
please someone tell me i’m dreaming
eyes open wide in the dead of the night (oh no)
found something i could believe in
oh after awhile, you let me down
but now that you’re gone, i’m so lost
and i never wanna love again (hmmmmm)

they say that all wounds heal over time
but why does it feel like i could die
bury my heart [x3]
so i won’t hurt again

[verse 2:]
oh, feels like i’m out at sea & i’m sinking
crying for help but i’m by myself
uh huh, i wish i could shake off this feeling
doing my best but it’s time like this
when i’m alone, i wanna pick up that phone
say i, and say that i never wanna love you again



never even shed a tear or showed an ounce of regret
people say i should forgive but that’s easier said than done
when you wake up inside of an empty room
and you know it was once filled with love
how the h-ll am i supposed to get over it
when i know that i loved you this much


bury my heart [x3]
so i won’t hurt again

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