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lirik lagu jus lovehall – last one


last one

i propose a toast

cheers to the moments that we was here
cheers to the ability to feel, the risk taking we did, despite the feeling of fear
lately, i’m thinkin’ the end is near, though
like my time been coming to a close
but i suppose…
that the ball is in my court now, i either find a way to make it home or i die alone
all you need to know is in my phone
i’m hoping that tonight i find sleep
i hope i find 2019
i finally realized it ain’t all about dreams
when imma realize it ain’t all about me?
stuck inside this selfish lens
and do my best to pretend that everything is cool
don’t know when i got so good at playin’ the fool
these times been so cruel, i could feel the ooz 6 feet beneath the moon
down on my luck
i’ve been stuck in the cycle
and the evil gettin’ harder to fight too
nah i ain’t givin’ up
but i been hesitant to trust those closest to me
lately its been lookin hopeless
been trying to convince myself that i just need to chase a bag or somethin’
too sad for nothin’
i ain’t got it so bad today
i’m alive, i should feel so lucky
so grateful
wrote somethin’ last week to tell a friend thank you
they ain’t know that they played my guardian angel
sh-t, i don’t even really understand my pain dude
maybe this is me payin’ dues, ‘cause first off
i could absolutely be worse off
but my spirit really hurt dog
i find peace in knowing these signs speak when i search off into the deep end of my worst thoughts
i had a dream i stayed asleep when i dozed off
i’m familiar with god, but we don’t talk
my mother spiritual
she say you’ll speak to me
but you never fall through, think we’ve grown apart
11:11, and you always tell me to pray
i press together my palms and got nothin’ to say
i’m muted
to be honest, i think this religion things an illusion
at least i hope so, if not, me and god, we fuedin’
i lost my best friend to feelings that i’m feelin’ today
imma get his name tatted like “thug life” soon
i think he more like god
i see his words as truth
and really i could relate
lately this world look doomed
who’s deciding my fate?
it’s either me or it’s you
just a few more days
until the year turn new
i drop the ball, the ball drop opposite 12 noon
live for the heavens, though we gotta live amongst h-ll too
can’t find the courage to tell my mother i’m feeling erased
‘cause how i look erasing myself?
after everything she did for me, all the sacrifices she made
stress deteriorating her health
now she big on nutrition and all them supplements
i was big on ambition, yeah, i was hustling
i been stumblin’ as of late momma
don’t know how much more i could take momma
prayin’ that it ain’t too late for me

pray for me