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lirik lagu junior doctor – wrong place, right time


wrong place, right time

here we go again
obligation’s pulling me around
take a breath and then
dive in a sea of people that just keep dragging me down
because when i arrived i saw you look me in the eyes
i know you know what i have in mind

i say we ditch on this party
but baby that don’t mean we can’t have a real good time
follow me girl, i guarantee
i will show you the time of your life

i’m sure i’m probably the last guy here you wanted to see
but i know and you know you love the way i make your scream
why don’t we set aside our past, and baby don’t try to hide
how badly you want me

i’ve been running so long that i don’t even feel the pain
and i’ve been running so long, so long from you
whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa oh, oh whoa