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lirik lagu jumbo actually raps!? – skittle freestyle/election day freestyle!


y’all y’all
it’s me again
doin’ some freestyling
it is election day
i got the day off
f~ck yea
f~ck school
anyway i’m just eating this skittles right now
they kinda taste like b~lls
that’s h~lla g~y of me to say but whatever

eatin’ these skittles they tastin’ like b~lls
i feel like i’m donald i’m buildin’ the wall
yea i be gettin’ the boys and the girls
yea you know i be gettin’ them all
shoutout lil’ cattocks you know you a real one
your mom saw my muscle she check out my real guns
she slurp up my d~ck but you never gon’ feel one
i’m makin’ this music you know it be real fun
i feel like ajr with that bang bang bang
she is a fruity she g~y g~y g~y
you is a male so she ain’t gonna stay
my d~ck is so long it’s as long as a snake
yea imma block you i think that i’m done with you
yea you are fake so i ain’t gonna f~ck with you
yea i’m so h~rny so i’ll still be f~ckin’ you
you suck my d~ck yea you know that i’m f~ckin’ you
bro i just shoved all these skittles in my mouth bro
lemme just eat these real quick
i love eating these round fruity b~lls bro
even fruitier than me

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