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lirik lagu jonathan richman – rockin’ shopping centre


well, i landed at a shoppin’ center
in an unknown state
unknown kind of architecture
atmospheric trait

unknown brand and labels
unknown market chains
the strangest collection of buildings here
upon the fruited plain

and let’s rock
and let’s go

you see, you got the different labels
and the different brands
each little region across the land

different colors in the different states
different labels, and let’s tell ’em about
all the different states for all the different traits
and as of this date i hate no state

and let’s rock
and let’s go

well, i walked through the mall and i walked up and down
i done got tired so i done sat down
i watched the people for a while, you always learn a little
de-doily doidy doit doit doit doit diddle

let’s rock
let’s go

well, the giant sign says momo plaza
these centers, i don’t know, it has a
weirdo insignia they put on all the bags
they wrote it on the walls, even paint a flag

if i were a shopping center, i’d sure be embarr-ssed
i know i’d never get a date
with some cute little building, like from paris

let’s rock
let’s go