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lirik lagu johnny cash – wreck of the old ’97


well they gave him his orders at monroe, virginia,
said: “steve, you’re way behind time,
“this is not 38, this is ol’ 97,
“put her into spencer on time.”

then he turned around and said to his black, greasy fireman,
“shovel on a little more coal.
“and when we cross that white oak mountain,
“watch ol’ ’97 roll.”

and then a telegram come from washington station,
this is how it read:
“oh that brave engineer that run ol 97,
“is lyin in old danville dead.”

‘cos he was going down a grade making 90 miles an hour,
the whistle broke into a scream.
he was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle,
scalded to death by the steam.

one more time!

oh, now all you ladies you’d better take a warning,
from this time on and learn.
never speak hard words to your true-lovin’ husband.
he may leave you and never return.
poor boy.