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lirik lagu john anthony – stereo


got the classical flow
i’m back, here we go
my disc player ready ‘cause i can’t live without my stereo, believe me, i like it loud
you can feel the bass hit when it strikes the ground
everybody around will now hear the sound
i’m ‘bout’a give y’all something they can talk about
got my air max 90’s, cleaned up around ‘em
and i grabbed the box of my mixtape albums
walked out the door, got a car in reach
and drove downtown to broadway at the beach
man, the place looks packed, couple hundred here
i start walkin’ straight through celebrity square
i be handing out mixtapes, one in hand
and in the other, got my stereo bumpin’ my jams
i be blastin’ the music with the bass turned up
but everybody’s lookin’ at me with a face of disgust
some people walkin’ over, tellin’ me i should go
or turn down the volume and i’m like

i can’t live without my stereo
man, ya know i can’t live without my stereo

so now people gettin’ mad ‘cause my music is loud
the next thing i know, i’m surrounded by crowd
a couple mother’s walkin’ over with the biggest of frowns
start b~tchin’ at me ‘cause they ain’t feelin’ the sound
them lyrics i hear are vulgar, you should turn that thing down
there’s literally a bunch of children that are walkin’ around
ah d~mn, i’m sorry, i didn’t get what you said
here’s a free album and i chucked it right at her head
then police pull up and tell told me to leave
i’m like, yo where the f~ck is my freedom of speech?
i got the capability to play whatever i want
so don’t tell me i gotta leave because of this c~nt and her ignorant son
sir, you gotta go and if don’t comprehend i’ll take the music from yo
man, f~ck it, whatever, i don’t even care if i go
you ain’t taken nothin’ from me ‘cause you know
i can’t live without my stereo
i can’t live without my stereo
man, you know i can’t live without my stereo