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lirik lagu jma – serenity



[verse 1]
there was a star that lit the night sky
to let know of the birth of the only child who was born to die
he was formed in a virgin mary’s womb
to be birth from a manger and buried in a tomb

from there he started his journey that he came to fulfill
he didn’t waver in faith, but obeyed his father’s perfect will
he was a carpenter’s son to whittle the wood
to model what’s chaotic to something that’s good

he called the sinners and healed the suffering
he restored the hurting and helped the struggling
he preached with power and provided for poor
he welcomed e v e r y o n e to the table… including you!

[verse 2]
as the good news of the kingdom, like a wildfire, it spread
there were those who didn’t like it and wanted him to be dead
so, he was captured, beaten, mocked and humiliated
nailed to the cross as our sins on him were laid

but in spite of all of that, he still practiced what he had taught
extending forgiveness and grace even to his enemies
echoing the commandments of the law of love
saying there’s remedy for all of our needs

then these last words
that changed the course of the world
he uttered from his dry lips: “it is finished!
father, into your hands i commit my spirit!”

then darkness overshadowed the whole land
the hope of redemption was scattered like sand
in the wind
the people were mourning in the silence as they buried the king

[verse 3]
“let there be light!”
once again as in creation, from the tomb it was heard:
“let there be light!”
there’s no more
reason to mourn
because the baby who was born
to die
was once again so alive!
let there be life
for the death is won
let the future be bright
for god raised up his son!

to the disciples, the angel came
with good news, saying:
“he is not here, he has risen!”
the tomb is empty! the one who was chosen
to die
is alive!
now he takes us from enmity to eternity
from calamity to serenity
because he has changed us internally
from sinful to holy
that is why on my lips his praise will forever be
now intentionally
i will live for him
the king
who died for my sins!

as the veil was torn apart
let us go to his throne with a courageous heart
to enter the rest, thus
therefore, i have a question for the rest of us
who have not yet entered the rest
will you accept his grace to give your best
by picking up your cross as did the one who p-ssed the test?

jesus’ peace will be yours to keep
because n-body will be able to take it away
if only you would turn to him and him only you would seek
he would never turn you away nor lead you astray

but let us not only receive his peace to keep it to ourselves
because there’s a world that he wants to mend
therefore, us as peacemakers he shall send
into the world and far to its ends