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lirik lagu jhene – 2 seconds


2 seconds

[verse 1:]
okay you back to talking that sh-t again
question me about where i been
i don’t even know why you here
you ain’t even ‘po’ed be here
i put it all the line
i be loving you every night
you the one i come home to right, right, right

man i wish i had some weed up in my system
cause i’m bout two seconds away from just flippin’ out
how could you say that i did it when i didn’t
think it’s ’bout time that we end this now

i don’t need your trust
i don’t need this sh-t, yeah
i have had enough
i think you should just
run away
get away, find a new love
run away

[verse 2:]
cry me an ocean, build you a boat then sail away
if this is so difficult i cannot make you stay
i had been hoping you would be more than just a phase
you don’t believe me, just leave, ain’t nothing more to say

[repeat bridge]

[repeat chorus]

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