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lirik lagu jgreen – out of luv


dubba~aa flex
said, blowin’ up my line, got a hundred missed calls ()
got me thinkin’ this mistake forever, givin’ you that rub (that rub)
i can’t f~ck with these b~tches, they ain’t down for the call (for real)
they just wanna take my riches and point out all my flaw ()

britanny don’t f~ck with me ’cause she say i’m on some dog~sh~t (let’s go)
b~tch, you know what it was, stop playin’, know i’m a dog, b~tch (oh)
i’ma keep it g’, i ain’t on that sh~t that y’all is (oh)
you don’t f~ck with me? keep it a hundred, that’s just what it is (nah, nah, nah)
used to f~ck celine, i really thought she was the one (oh)
i know that she like savages, so, she f~ck me, and 21 (okay)
i’ll let you shoot yo’ shot, but, don’t ever jump thе gun
’cause, somebody elsе get shot ’cause somebody out of love (grrah, grrah, grrah)