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lirik lagu jetski bueller – however you want it


she was a pretty little thing a brown eyed girl i liked her
and she had a way with her words when she spoke i wanted to wife her
and put flowers all in her hair
take the measurement of her finger and put a big ass rock right there make her friends stare
she said she don’t want to be nowhere but right here
and when she’s with me she don’t feel no fears
thеre’s no rockin’ the boat
waves can’t crash thе coast
when i’m with you
so what we gonna’ do
she said i don’t wanna’ do this without you
well you won’t have to cuz’ i’m here
i’m gonna’ swing from the chandelier

baby hop up on it
i wanna’ see you ride
make you break a sweat girl
make you lose your mind
see your in control now baby
i put my heart into your hands
so speed up the process of love
cuz’ this has gone on long enough

and it’s however you want it
(want it)
your love is so hot
she won’t cool down til’ the morning

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