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lirik lagu jeremie sevigny – skankin’ it easy


(verse 1)
take it easy, cause you’ll never got it easy
yeah believe me, gotta sk-nking easy
i was lost full of dust, when you called me
by my voice in the phone, you could all feel
know you hear my fears, i hid a lot of tears
even though i tried to manifest another me
i really felt the beast and all their energies
i walked into the street and saw my enemies
they were drinking henessey, and puffing lot of weed
thinking i should follow the beat, hollow my heartbeat
the perfect type of recipe, to endure the east
stick to what you see, and not what you gon read
that’s why you never see me with a lot of g’s
homies losing senses on what they gon preach
teachers preaching sciences and psa’s
recycling the fact and put it front page
i’ll never let a puppet try to educate
the puppet wanna shine but bout to personate shades
the casket wanna flying, to escaping all the hatred and
the elders wanna coming back, to tell us ancient knowledges
that we have been forgotten, through the dangers of the system
and the damages they’ve made up, all the wicked and the demons
and the savages they’ve came up, just to weaken our knees and
now we preaching dollar bills, and gave the wicked thousand pills
and then we loosing power of will, and let the wicked come to building everything

(verse 2)
ain’t nothing but a g thang
type of sh-t they couldn’t refrain
i come to spit this with the weed strain
and now you hit this like a speed train
ain’t nothing but a g thang, thanks forefathers
for the first fire quarter, with the verse and fire spitter
spitting everything they’re having, with a burning fire desire
just to get out of the ghetto, where you get no f-cking dollos
getting courtesy and bending babydolls low
one day, it could be but better bossing on that flow
anyway, it never be a player paper matter go
plus we wanna f-cking see the people hopping on the floor
then we dropping on the low
yeah i’m high a little but i like to keep it low
today they wanna fighting musical power of mind
so they counterfeiting music all inside their industries
but we ever could aspire, to get higher independence
when you look at their directions, now you get no advertis-m-nt
they will f-cking you no condoms, so you can’t get no protection
we got richness in abundance, but we banned bring these to borders
bills and debts are building bondage, and no justice on the horizon