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lirik lagu jeff buckley – harem man


alright alright alright alright… woah
well… yeah
well i’m your harem man, i was paid two by two
well i’m your harem man, i will sing and dance for you
oh baby say it
my love is great [inaudible]

well well
lay your nails down till they rake over me
oh sweet p-ssy cat rake your nails all over me
oh you’re so sweet, your p-ssy cat i’m gonna show you where it’s at
why don’t you think i can [inaudible] free
i wanna be your fire when it’s cold
it’s raining outside mama… don’t wait until you get too old
take home a liter and push it in me
i wanna inject you in my blood
i wanna set you free

well well

my world [repeated], my love

i wanna be your harem man
oh baby save you, do anything i can
i’ll keep you waiting in a room of my own
a man can’t be free until he’s older
my, my my [repeated] woman, man

i wanna be your harem man

i wish i was your $5 dollar bill
spend all your money, pay all your thrills
i wish i could be your walking shoes, step all over me
and take away my blues

my world, my love

i wish i was you…