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lirik lagu jayzer – chase diss


alright, chase you challenge me to diss battle. this isn’t going to end well. stand up. jayzer!

[verse 1]
chasey boy you look just like a little kid (babbbyyyy)
i just wanna punch you in your d-mn rib
you always roasting on me about my teeth
but you ain’t ready to hear some straight heat
my boy chase you look just like a baby
it makes sense bro, cause you a crybaby
i always see you tearing up
it’s cause i’m always squaring up
i don’t think you’ve kissed a single girl
cause every time they see you they just wanna hurl
i mean i can’t disagree with none of dem
i hit you so hard hit your brain stem
all you doing man, just coughing up flem
that’s the type of sh-t that i don’t condemn
my rapping so fast i hit max rpm
for you, i just am causing mayhem
you ain’t ready for the hammer
i change my flow up just like a programmer
man it’s funny how you think you got glamour
but i just send you straight to the slammer
my man, we call you baby chase
i can’t stand your face, so dang ugly
i’ll make you do the race, just call up tay-k
he’ll help you along the way
you’ll need to recruit someone after this diss
i scare you so much i’ll make you p-ss
i am throwing you right into this abyss
i put holes in you, just like a piece of swiss
when you gone, no one will miss
i’m coming back atcha
man you’re life it has no value
whatever you say man screw you
i hit you so hard knock you to honolulu
my rhymes be nasty bro, you ain’t got the flow
i am making all the dough
boy, you just broke
i can tell you look stoked
you can’t digest what i’m saying you just get choked
your frame it so boney
it matches your personality, it is so phony
i have you froze, make you look like you’re stony
my bars be soo hot, cook you like pepperoni
i don’t mean to cause this acrimony
i just drive over you in my zamboni
you soft as h-ll just like macroni
like asap ferg i put in the work
ill put you in the dirt
once i see you man skirt
i bet it is clear
i’m going to end it off here
that has prevailed
chase, you got beat
goodluck next time