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lirik lagu jaymel the rage god – paper



(verse 1: jaymel the rage god)
my pen touch paper pad and i’m packing in
feelings i concealed packaged up with the rapping sh~t
passionate when i’m writing my lines
i ~n~lyze my every word and made sure it arrived my
rhyme schemes will seem beautiful in due time
i climb high
i say a thousand words to paint a bigger picture
i slay the verse, fireworks, no need for a fixture
i pay your he~rs~, and then disperse its enigma
i figure my favorite state of art was a blank canvas
limitless start i chart with my pen to see where is land its
outlandish love when i discover this
cover me in my darkest time
shining thru
paying homage to greats in my eyes
mind state on the rise
my life i’ve been on grind
i pine making blatantly mine
bonafide n~gga be i
bonafide n~ggas we be
dev keep it alive
(verse 2: devyn)
tears fallin on this paper i’m drowning every word
curse addiction i write em down i feel it all with every curve
l~st addiction f~ck im slippin catch me now or let me fall
i catch myself im holden i can’t drop the ball
call a audible i need change of call i write myself into a abyss
trying climb up but walkin on this road with mud p~ss and sh~t
watch your tongue and bite your lip
n~gga move in silence n~gga wilden keep your head straight
i don’t even trip i stay to myself
i write for my mental health
staring at a mirror no steering trying not to lose myself
future fearing piercing me i meditate to find some clarity
i keep a pair on the hip you can meet god apparently
i drown this ink to this paper for my therapy
this letter for you and i’ll end with sincerely me

(verse 3: jaymel the rage god & ~devyn~)
everytime i touch the paper i let go
everytime i write a line i find hope
everytime my mind was lost and i roamed
everytime i sang a song i found home
everytime i touch the paper i let go
everytime i write a line i find hope



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