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lirik lagu jay magnificent – destiny freestyle


this is the time when its like, when you realize you gotta be great

[verse 1]
this sh~t just really been on my mind
i tried to give it some time
i tried to reflect on this sh~t
and told myself ”it’s my time”
feel like jay in his prime
these n~ggas hating on josh, they wonder when he gone stop
th ~~ that ~~ that n~gga tryna rise to the top
but will he just flop
or will he just give it up totally, n~gga, i think not
i wanna be the greatest ever, give everything i got
just wait

i’ma k!ll the game
these n~ggas hatas
these n~ggas crazy
these n~ggas think that they can eliminate me (nah)
i’m f~cking b~tches like i’m elimi date me
you know what, i swear to god all these n~ggas hatas (well fu ~~ fu ~~ f~ck it)

[verse 2]
i ~~ i ~~ i’m in that new mind state
i gotta go crazy
i gotta do this sh~t for me
then do this sh~t for my lady
make sure my mama straight because that’s just how see raised me
make my kids straight for when i have me some babies
i wanna settle down
i wanna better life
i’m tried of all these hoes, i wanna stack up with my wife
i wanna better crib
better wipes insight
f~ck it n~gga, wanna move cali with them la nights

[verse 3]
smo ~~ smo ~~ smokin’ on my medical
yeah, you think you got it locked
but ion think you ready fo’
thi ~~ thi ~~ this sh~t i’m ’bout to reighn down wit’
i gotta k!ll ’em, yeah
i said it’s time, b~tch (uh)
i gotta heat up like miami do (uh)
i gotta girrrl in miami too (uh)
shorty say she down for whateva (uh)
she say she ready to shoot out the coupe (uh yeah)

yeah, that’s my down b~tch
don’t need no side b~tch
i need a ride or die b~tch (yeah)
but i gotta k!ll the game
they gotta know my name
i neva been a lame
[verse 4]
i ~~ i ~~ i neva been a stain
you a p~ssy, you a b~tch
ain’t even have to say nothing but we knew that sh~t
i knew that sh~t was really iffy when you came around (d~mn)
that’s why we neva eva made a sound ~ssh~ (uh) ~ssh~
you tried to f~ck up the plan
tryna f~ck up the program
but i catch yo ass with my life fam
all these trials tryna get the best of me
can’t stop ’til i get what’s the left for me
not looking back, just what’s next for me
i’m the top dawg, that’s my destiny (that’s my destiny, that’s my destiny n~gga)

i think it’s ’bout that time (i think it’s ’bout that time)
i think it’s ’bout that time (i think it’s ’bout that time)
i think it’s ’bout that time y’all n~ggas finally realize who the f~ck i am (who the f~ck i am)
this ain’t no ova night sh~t though (this ain’t no ova night sh~t though)
puttin’ in years for this sh~t (puttin’ in years for this sh~t)
it’s comin’ soon b~tch