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lirik lagu jay critch – 10pm on fulton



quarter mill’ cash, i was robbin’ for a quarter pound
had to get my money in order, i had to sort it out
i’ll have a baddie missin’ work, have her callin’ out
swear they goofies, i could say names and really call ’em out
i don’t really listen to rappers, that sh~t be watered~down
every one recycling sh~t, it’s gettin’ boring now
i used to recycle the fits, i could afford it now
i done put my life in this sh~t, i’m gettin’ rewarded now
brodie score, we ballin’ out
another case, lawyer said, “this time, it’s gon’ be forty thou'”
and free suave, d~mn, lil’ brodie need a lawyer now
i swear it’s always somethin’, f~ck it though, you know it’s sort it out
i separate the fake from the real, i got it sorted out
they in the barrel, crawlin’ out
i don’t do no beefin’, i’m in trap house with the porterhouse
shooter creepin’, get him chopped up, he in portions now
summertime, i’m bringin’ all the lambs and all the porsches out
i took a bag soon as i saw like the lost~and~found
they still playin’, horsin’ ’round
i was juggin’ in my polo horses, car got horses now
she a stallion, i’m a boss, she wanna get bossed around
okay, awesome, take it off, get up in her walls and drown
double cup muddy, mournin’ my brothers, i gotta pour some out
you know i’m talk money, i don’t want to hear nothin’ you n~ggas be talkin’ ’bout
crazy how they switched, they b~tch~made, no, we can’t talk it out
quick, tell a b~tch, “dip, go kick rocks, b~tch, go walk it out”
now she big mad
i bet she ride me ’cause i’m havin’ motion, it’s like six flags
blues hangin’ out my left pocket, look like a crip flag
shooters tryna hit him first, they ain’t tryna play get~back
ain’t tryna go back and forth
soon as you go give ’em what they askin’, they gon’ ask for more
runnin’ out of drank, i’m pourin’ up like it’s my last resort
sippin’ when i’m stressin’
just go and get the money, this sh~t probably heal depression
a lot of people forcin’ it, think they applyin’ pressure
the whip super charged, but i ain’t buyin’ no tesla
and we all made mistakes, but i be tryna correct ’em
took a long jump of faith and i landed on some blessings
know i’m one call away if you need me come to the rescue
i’m higher than the rest
helicopter from the hamptons, like, let’s fly it to the ‘jects
like, let’s fly it to the hood
i take cash, card, credit, and that wire transfer good
sh~t ain’t easy, it just look like it

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