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lirik lagu jacobymccraytm – don’t be so open minded


(aye you already know it’s ya boy jacoby, lets go)
n-ggas wanna be in my position. but the truth is, you is not about it!
taking time with this rapping sh-t got me painting pictures like i’m on a palette. n-ggas hatin’, saying that my sh-t fake but they just mad cause they can’t afford it. all these n-ggas do is just talk sh-t but won’t chase bands to make a profit
don’t look at me funny cause i’m chasing money while you just be laying face down on yo tummy. rumors and gossip about me just make me go harder and harder cause i am a starter. ballin’ not falling for n-ggas that stay in my way, that’s just keeping me from getting smarter. n-gga just stay out my way when i’m counting my cake cause it’s just getting taller and taller
but i’m chasing my dreams what you mean? i be chillin’ at the crib and you know i stay clean, listerine, sippin on sprite no lean, never popped a bean but i’m addicted to this rapping sh-t somewhat like a feen aye
and don’t be so open minded b-tch
if you ain’t trying hard enough try again.(3x) yea!
(aye, i think we k!lled this one.)