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lirik lagu ja rule – fame (intro)


fame (intro)
(feat. leah siegal)

previously, on “pain is love”

[police sirens] [church bell gongs]
[chopper soars] [police photographer]

[ja rule]
here we go again baby
erase the pain
gotta break free from all this
motherf-ckin… anxiety, strains on my life
open my eyes and see
it’s a big world out there
if god could only…
shine his light on me

[ja rule – singing]
i’m crying everyone’s tears, my pain, my love
i’m crying everyone’s tears…

and now, “pil 2”

[chorus: leah siegal]
and the world was so cold; i couldn’t recognize myself [2x]
so i took a little (pil), and it changed my whole world
said i want a view, so i had to take two
{f-ck fame}

[ja rule]
pic-sso, rembrandt, basquiat
warhol couldn’t paint a better work of art
and i’m like a child in all black
cause i tried to brainwash it, we can’t man, dog is back
elephant’s in the room paint it retro
here’s a van gogh, but y’all don’t hear me though
i’m what you never saw, but somethin you never seen
you motherf-ckers can’t see me, can’t see




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