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lirik lagu j1hunnit – bark at me


(313 mafia)

come and bark at me, gangster, we got poodle
i jump in drip every day like pool noodles
the neighborhood bakery, we got strudels
the plug dropped the price on the work, i’m bamboozled
i heard he mickey mouse’d and seen his paperwork on google
them shooters poppin’ out of thin air like oh, toodles
the dope sell itself, i don’t never hear refusals
ksubi jeans hangin’ off my ass, the tag doo~doo
he ain’t got more pape’ than us, them n~ggas dreamin’, keyshia cole
i think the number~one lesson in this game is keep a pole
you wanna help the team win, then sit back and play a role
i’m wearin’ nocta hot steps, but i ain’t walkin’ on the coals
you could’ve hustled, got yourself up out the hole
but you was layin’ with the b~tch, tryna fondle booty hole
you ain’t cut for paparazzi, mesmerized by groupie hoes
keep a double cup of wocky just to heal the runny nose
think fast or you’ll lose me, still stuffin’ lil’ floozies
i don’t be with jt, i still sleep with that uzi
i keep it trill with my fam, i ain’t boosie
i made it big, it was small, now her ass lookin’ juicy
banana runtz in my blunt, it taste fruity
now i’m only sellin’ raps, it was whoopty
auntie used to cuss me out, r.i.p. tudi
set up a taste~testing every time, i’m not a foodie
you know a n~gga set up shop anywhere
say the word, make the call
pulling up
on tour with this sh~t

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