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lirik lagu j cole – simba



straight out the villle and i made it,
like a villian i’m hated
i see’em gillin, i ate it though
fien’n to blow inflatable, that’s undebatable (ugh)
i’m givin n-gg-s food for thought, the flow is cater yo
i’m never faded though,
haters wanna see me broke, but me and the doe related hoe!
it’s like my only son, where i go, he come!
n-gg-s dumb to be braggin bout that stupid sh-t
nah i don’t stunt on n-gg-s, i show’em how to do this sh-t
i’m somethin like the light-skin version of the very same baby that the virgin mary raised
that’s word to everything!
n-gg- life a scary game but i’m playin
you sucka n-gg- lie in everything that ya sayin
shame on ya’ll, you tryna ball with the game on pause
ay n-gg- pull the thing on ya’ll, ya’ll stain ya’ll draws
f-ck you n-gg-s, but this ain’t raw dog
i got protection, lethal weapons, and they aim on ya’ll
i’m like the man on mars; i’m high as h-ll
watch me blow like i exhale i excel in this rap sh-t,
cause ya’ll spittin that wack sh-t
and every n-gg- suddenly be rappin bout that trap sh-t
so while you n-gg-s copy cat the cats who made cl-ssics
i just m-ssacre the streets, i’m a master of the beats and the rhymes
i’m rappin for the freaks and the dimes and shine like a mothaf-ckin diamond,
you shine like a mothaf-ckin dime
that’s word to my mom
i don’t mind if you n-gg-s hate
just know you hatin on that n-gg-, n-gg- get it straight
i’m spittin hungry like ain’t sh-t up on my dinner plate
the kind a flow that make a n-gg- hyper-ventilate (ugh)
see let me demonstrate, i grew up with nothin, it hurt me to see my mother poor
the only pops a n-gg- ever seen around was huckstable
and so the muscle flow is something you can’t get no muzzel for
look how the buzzer grow,
ballin til the buzzer blow
man i’m hungry, does it show?
ain’t nothin funny, f-ck a joke i’m gettin money til my pockets need a tummy tuck
i hope you n-gg-s woke now, impermanentely
send you to h-ll, you meet the devil, sign a permanent lease
word on the streets is i’m the prince n-gg-, check the splenda
and i can’t wait to be the king, n-gg-: young simba!
word on the streets is i’m the prince n-gg-, check the splenda
and i can’t wait to be the king, n-gg-: young simba!

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