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lirik lagu izzi guma – 11-22-….


hey hey hey
hey hey hey
hey hey hey
hey hey hey
hey hey hey
hey hey hey
hey hey hey
hey hey hey

become who you are
izzi become who you are
it’s your biggest favor
to you and the world
become who you are
izzi become who you are
it’s your biggest favor
to you and the world
[verse 1]
counting time in seconds tеll us how minute an hour is
do the workouts just so i can shower quick
rеmind me of the days i often think of
precisely ss two, right when i started this
ojay gave me the motivation to pick the pen up
also the pad i used to scribble my worded weapons
we used to battle rap
i k!lled him with spit~up venom
vulgar with words
but god lead us through that momentum
now it’s me future tense thinking
strategies and less speaking
i learned to love the isolation writing gce
before i owned a mobile phone
days home alone
the perfect opportunity i had to know jesus
with such moments for things made
i won’t mortgage
i can’t imagine spending time with him on other things
and coming back to bank on him
when they leave me disappointed
that is an accurate example of misplaced targets
so much madness we manage among millenials
isn’t it tragic we matter much on material things
my lamentation’s over fake ones in abundance
this viscious cycle makes advice sound redundant
i’m silent when they swing back and forth tweets
crazy comments but i’m not the type to type responses
grew older just to see what the social media did
they put playgrounds in a phone
so we stick to thinking as kids
become who you are
izzi become who you are
it’s your biggest favor
to you and the world

[verse 2]
it’s wisdom
the grace to sacrifice and separate from the system
i didn’t make myself this way but god made his pilgrim
like he does with everybody, gave me options to pick one
but many always have excuses why they should diss him
but point blank period
for truth i’m not quiet
i never liked librarians
false umpires spreading popular opinions
just to build a following that could fill a colosseum
but blessings to the diligent deserving of obeisance
bless the h0m~ sapiens causing h~ll where satan is
sorry for the suckers who’d rather dwell in ignorance
bells rang since
but they pretend like they ain’t listening
but break time’s over
remember rare times i had my lunch packed with zobo
well~wishers with me so my cup runneth over
while the other hand want to witness my post mortem
but the lord is my shepherd
so he chefs me a portion
and sets the table in front of my enemies
therefore when the time comes i’ll face jealousy
just like every great person i once had a dream
mr west will head north
meet christ and believe
me and ye had a slow walk
he was smoking on whatever
his depression was deep dark
was holding on my shoulder
his dope~holding mouth talked
like, izzi do it different
from the rest of us god called
don’t make our mistakes
that’s where the dream ended
now you know why i’m meticulous with my actions
make metuselah~long money we had planned it
but those dreams dropped along life with my pampers
been studying samuel
farmers turned soldiers
anatomy of real freinds
they hand you a shoulder
arteries are the reason
we’re brothers while breathing
but loyalty is when we stick stuck till it’s over
for a buck some duck they standards compromise
for a couple naira
i’ve seen brothers go pound to pound
it’s vain how we hurt our own blood cutting ties
scared to loose a prosperity
that we haven’t really found
and charm is deceitful, beauty is passing
i’m a sequel to jesus and his eternal passion
purpose is regal music’s a practice
you’d know the signal
when you see these goliaths collapsing
the root of evil been ruling
and we grooming to end it
fruit of the spirit within me
so i never could blend in
an alien to the people
they all wonder who sent him
i come in peace
to build you a future my only present
is one looking like the past in eden
i daily look forward to the foes defeated
they are not in the flesh
they are more like demons
so my light saver’s on
the baton is beaming
friction no slipping
big ben tells the tale of time i hear tick tock
tic tac toes x and os and now we’re grown up
time don’t fly it tip toes through the corridor
by the time you hear the echo you’ll be older
recycled lazy leaders soon will leave us
judgement is for certain god is breathing
many false messiahs came to save us
salvage missions turned to heist agendas
that aside
it’s a shame how we hate our borders
colonial men
they rule our sons and daughters
we think it’s green grass in the white man’s corner
the nigerian flag is like a white supporter
if it’s not imported it is not important
tweeting black out tuesday over rinji’s murder
i am not insensitive i support the former
but before you sweep the streets
set your house in order
many men may come at me after this tho
but before you drag me
like you do through the thread holes
i am just another brother trying to bring the mass hope
ina jin yare da ku
ni ma ina cin tuwo
kowa mun gaji a kasan nan
an fara takawa
zuwa kasan waje
ama ba kowa da kudin zuwa
shi ya sa ya kamata
mu bar yare mu zo tare
in kowa mun sa kai a ciki
changi haka ne
become who you are
izzi become who you are
it’s your biggest favor
to you and the world
become who you are
izzi become who you are
it’s your biggest favor
to you and the world