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lirik lagu izaiah combs – slap


ay man, ay man, ay, i’m in, oh, ay, i’m in room 3 in my f~ckin’ turnt up, on a beat monday, wednesday, thursday, friday, day, can you feel me
all these hoes in here, finna get f~ckin’ toasted
startin’ off with daylon, b~tch ass, ay, startin’ off with daylon, b~tch ass, i was tryin’ to run after gina, you a f~ckin’ b~tch, and you was a snitch, all these n~ggas playin’ with me
can you feel me? and gina loud ass, always tryin’ to say some sh~t, shut your b~tch ass up, you in room 3 now, get your ass to class

always tryin’ to fool with mr. gilley, finna toast your ass, and we got, uh, kyler, sittin’ in the f~ckin’ seat, turn your b~tch ass around, and you always never go to class
what the f~ck, man? get you out the class, like i f~ckin’ said, n~gga, i’m your f~ckin’ daddy, so do what your daddy say
do what your daddy say, and you back down in the blue, ay, come on, n~gga, you ain’t finna leave the class, now you in here, finna toast your ass
and that’s on my f~ckin’ mama, and i don’t do girl drama, so don’t you come to me when i’m in the hallway

and they call mе mr. d~rock, don’t you play with me, finna take your sh~t, nah, sn~tch your chain, bust your brain
all thesе n~ggas playin’ with me, got a diamond chain, and my dog in the back, and he real f~ckin’ quiet, all these n~ggas playin’ with me
oh, all these n~ggas playin’ with me, gotta catch my breath, all these n~ggas playin’ with me, hit you in your face, knock you out the chair
all you n~ggas lame, and y’all don’t f~ckin’ game, bae, so get the f~ck around me, all you sixth graders so f~ckin’ soft on my f~ckin’ mama

gina, stop lookin’ at me, you with the girl drama, but you can’t fight us, you always fightin’ the little kids
get your ass to class, little b~tch, and don’t f~ck with me together, you in room three now, do what daddy say
all these n~ggas playin’ with me, they keep hatin’ on the kid, all these n~ggas playin’ with me, you a counterfeit, ayy, you a counterfeit, man
they been askin’ where the f~ck i been at, i been gettin’ raps, where the f~ck you at, and i’m stackin’ up money, where you at

i been with the f~ckin’ gang, gettin’ fly, gettin’ high, all you hoes playin’ with me, i ain’t tell no lie, i will never testify
if i ever go to jail, and that sh~t ain’t a hundred, nah, i’m out this b~tch, n~gga

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