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lirik lagu issa – unbreakable


(feat. jacquees)

even though they try to bring me down
i’ll never stop
no, i’m unbreakable [x3]
and you can knock me down
i’m a get back up
it don’t matter what you do
i ain’t never giving up
no, i’m unbreakable [x2]

do me a favor take can’t at ya vocab
cause you can do any and everything
it’s so sad to see these young kids scared
to even go to cl-ss
coming home bruised up and they face scabbed

how could you be so cold blooded man i hate that
this for all the bullies
every thing gone skate back
what goes around comes around
now take that

i’m making a stand for all of the brutality
stopping all the violence is my only mentality
don’t let anybody tell that your dreams won’t be reality
same person who said that miserable he had to be

don’t let them haters tell you nothing
you know who you are and if they try to tell you other wise
man just let it ride sing his little lullaby

tell him you’re unbreakable
keep your war mask on
you’re hurt but don’t let it show


i thank god everyday for this life i live
nothing in life should be worth taking the life you live
they try to lock you down
come back stronger like micheal vick

just dare to be different like micheal did
stop the bullying, never did condone that
sticks and stones yeah they can make our bones crack
but i still stand strong i’m a strong black

young kid that just happened to love rap
god gave me a gift to speak to this world
so i’m a spokesman for every boy and every girl
don’t let them speak down on you you’re a pretty girl

for all the fellows out there you can have any girl
self esteem is the most important thing
as long as you’ve got that
you can get through anything
i know that it’s what it seems

but just keep your head high
please stop the bullying
bullying is not hot


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