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lirik lagu isaiah manifest – in your hands


[intro verse]
i still had some doubts inside my mind, yet
i made a decision with my heart cause it was time
yes, lord please take this heart of stone
i can’t do this on my own
i will seek you and you will i find

[chorus 1]
but only with my whole heart
lord i’m letting go
ima put my trust in
he who made my soul
give me all the words lord
feed me from your scroll
holy spirit let me know
dwell within, again begin
lord you fixed what i had broken
and took me arms wide open
you opened, you opened up my eyes

so now the world will see your work in me
i’ll proclaim your name and worship you cause jesus set me free
i die to me, what i can see, i’m finally
what i should be, what i could be
it’s all your perfect plan
and now i’m in your hands

now im in your hands
and now im in your hands
and now im in your hands
and now its in your hands
and now it’s in your..

[chorus 2]
glory, that i glory
yea you knew me, way before me
and your love was, reachin for me
on the cross was, true love’s story
i don’t deserve, i couldn’t earn
the sacrifice you gave
oh my lord, almighty god, you took the sin that had enslaved
that empty grave
and your beautiful ways
oh the hand of god
let it lead my life
cause only this is right
oh help me stay aligned
let your hand realign