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lirik lagu inhumate – the key


in front of this blank page
i try to find the words to fell you something
i try to share my own secret pulsions
with anyone that would understand them

you played this song
i hope it is to have fun
if you are feeling bad
come in, i open you my mind

don’t be afraid of this growls
they are the echoes of my subconscious
music is like life
fast, brutal with good moments

expulsion of our ”me”
like an ancient tribe
we have reached the trance
reflect of life
grinding ’til death
come and break your inhibitions

can’t you feel that this rhythm is life?
can’t you see that we’re alive?
can’t you feel the heat inside?
can you feel your own pulsions?

when we’re playing on stage
you’re in front of us moving your body and your head
come on, take my hand
”i lead you to the promised land”

where life is sound
where colour is heat
where sweat is clean
the land
where violence is love
where people are themselves
where freedom is here


let them expulse now