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lirik lagu homeboy sandman – gumshoe (remix)


since hip hop took the place of rock n’ roll
i formulate an opening statement in a vacant lot while aesop packs a bowl
this mornin’, being bored and at his zenith made for the primary reason for this remix
as time is of the essence, do not ever text me show date for the guest list; do not say you called and tried to leave a message, it’s just that i didn’t get it cuz you know you didn’t
plus your monkey -ss just shoulda gone ahead and went and bought a ticket
but back to handlin’ business, i don’t waste my breath on bickerin’ with bigots; go ahead and hate whoever that you like; you’ve got my blessin’
i’m not here to argue over which lives really matter; matters confined to discussion aren’t altogether pressin’
i’m puzzled at how anyone could ever try to play me
i’m on my favorite label and i bang my favorite lady
people say i’m slept on, i don’t think that’s what it is; everyone that’s heard me knows that no one nicer’s ever lived
“kindness for weakness” ringin’ bells on every planet
i’m like the token men that’s sorry for your mother if you didn’t get it
i’m sorry for trollin’ everybody with “speak truth”; shoulda said “additional vocals,” i just ain’t know how to credit
free of effort, i’m the essence of the clear and present danger
the candy from a stranger for the baby in the manger
who dare to lay a wage against the breath that turns to vapor
that style that turns to paper from the brain that stays in labor
after this, i’m repping gainsbourg’s “ah melody”
copacetic off ayurvedic, kinetic energy
label me the relic, steady lookin’ for the remedy
stepped up out the kemet and i flew right into kennedy
sixth sense to keep my kicks fresh
grew up squeezin’ lemon over deep fried pig’s flesh
limes, if we had ’em
huntin’ for the vaccine, and was last seen splittin’ atoms
first of a living breed, still bridgin’ chasms
still huntin’-gatherin’, skippin’, holdin’ hands with whoever will have him
copin’ with the vampires and the phantasms
cobra did the slashed tires on the bandwagon
cat who can’t relax on anything that sounds slammin’
cat who runnin’ laps around the rings around saturn
puzzle piece with every new release, but which of y’all can see the pattern?