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lirik lagu hodgy beats – ignorant shit


ignorant sh-t

whattup taj? haha!

my amnesia cause me to sip nyquil
and sleep in the mornin, forgettin how my nights feel
n-gg-z nosey, i wonder how mike feel
after the fix-up, hopin venice might heel
banana clips might peel if situations heavy
dumpin out the bentley azure instead of chevys
battery mentality, i’m (everready)
you’re the opposite of me motherf-cker you never-ready
i gas up on my wagon ’til my whip full
keep the hip tool, a/k/a pis-tol
diamonds by the diamond to keep the wrist cool
i stand tall while y’all posin n-gg-z sit, stool
flights overnight, constantly on the move
real n-gg-z don’t jerk, real n-gg-z we groove
real n-gg-z don’t hurt, lil’ homey we do
what we gotta do to get ourselves at the plot
the plant gets moved when it’s too big for the pot
i’m a g, so i know how to hit the right spot
when they’re tied up, i can untangle any knot
girls ride my coaster like i’m a ride at knotts
black dude, black car with the black socks
the reason they down my race is because, black rocks
ock, i hope you understand english
whoever made slang is a muh’f-ckin genius
call me captain hook, and get hooked
if you relax, one gram of me’ll make you relapse
if you try to sleep, take a free nap
i’m allergic to the world, how the f-ck i’ma react?
i don’t know…