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lirik lagu hillsong united – oh you bring


“oh you bring”

[verse 1]
oh you bring hope to the hopeless
and light to those in the darkness
and death to life
now i’m alive
oh you gives peace to the restless
and joy to homes that are broken
i see you now
in you i’m found

and you opened the door for me
and you laid down
your life to set me free
all that i am will serve you lord
and you opened my eyes to see
all the wonder and awe of christ in me
jesus you’re everything i need

[verse 2]
oh you fill those who are empty
and rescue those in the valley
and through it all you calm my soul
oh you find me in my weakness
and heal the wounds of my heartache
i worship you in spirit and truth

all honour
all glory
all praise to you