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lirik lagu hill view #73 – catch me


saw its face in the bathroom mirror
looking at me from both of its shoulders
thought i heard the sound of my voice whisper

will you catch me when if im in too deep
will you text me when i fall asleep
when i wake up, so i have something to read
will you catch me

here it comes the next part to the chapter
dirt in mouth, hands move up
in surrender
i won’t know if i dont get your answer
but i don’t really care if it ends in a disaster

will you catch me if i’m in too deep
will you text me when i fall asleep
when it’s over i promise i won’t takе too long
to get over
just promise you’d still bе around

by the way did i say
that i was here to stay
when you called me on the phone
after all what is lost isn’t found
can’t help look back and wonder you know
and everything that we know would explode
into flames and be gone so it goes
every day, i try a little harder
to care for myself so i can be better
for you to see that you’re the only
one that i want and it’s not cause i’m lonely
i wanna be there for you when you’re unhappy
just promise me this that you’ll be there to catch me when i fall

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