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lirik lagu hayden everett – terra


[verse 1]
i’d reckon all’s evolving (leave home)
the story wasn’t stopping (it goes on)
your savior keeps on talking
but you’re not watching
you’re praying eyes closed, head down, dreaming up what you want

[verse 2]
look up with an open ear
stationary but you’re never here
you say you love him but you’re cavalier (you’re guessing)
you’re making lines up thinking you can divvy up all her love
we’re all just guessing
so why you out for blood
we could be dancing
but you’re holding hands with a gun
you’re praying eyes closed, head bowed, dreaming up what you want
[verse 3]
dreaming up whatever god you want
you’re dreaming with your eyes closed, and your head bowed
and you’re dreaming up whatever it is that you want
whatever god you want
oh we could’ve been dancing
we could’ve been dancing (you keep f~cking it up)