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lirik lagu hank williams jr – country love


when the nighttime comes fallin’ down i jump in my pickup and head out of town
i ride on out to the country and call up my sweet honey
and we’ll mess around and make country love
meet me at night tonight and we’ll go down by the river side
take along some moonshine our love is much too strong for wine
and we’ll drink it up and make country love
some folks fall to the city just to do that lovin’ dirt
but just get me the smell of pine trees makin’ love in the warm country air

lord you know it feels so fine to hold that country girl of mine
and lay here in the moonlight and do what feels so right
to smooth and hug and make a lotta country love
some folks fall to the city…

so tonight when the crickets start singin’ the songs
that’s when me and you will be gettin’ it off
to who i would be who whoin’ cause he’ll see what we’re doin’
we’re foolin’ we’re makin’ country love
when the night hang up we’re makin’ country love
i’m a southern boy spreadin’ joy and country love