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lirik lagu hammers of misfortune – you should have slain me


to die you left me
you should have slain me
i stand before you
now you shall face me
i am the b-st-rd
of your carousing
i am the true heir
and your undoing

father your henchmen
and lackeys surround me
cast not the first stone and you
shall be saved

lies! you foul wretch!
for i have no heir
(what i do by night
is my affair!)
from your words it’s clear that you’re insane
now! for your life
you must prove your claim

[servants / villagers:]
round the fires the thralls
pursue their folly
prophecies and foolish tales of old
of an ax the elders tell a story

“when the ax is freed from h-ll
a single stroke shall break the spell
when the ax is free again
a brutal reign shall meet its end”