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lirik lagu hakim (rapper) – pistachios


i took a break from the alb-m
this the outcome
ima k!ll careers
i’m sick of hearing all of their mouths run
they been trying to x me out
like my first name is malcolm
all dem soft as baby powder
johnson’s and the talc-m
talons like falcons in mouses
piercing they backs it’s a fountain
blood getting spewed by the ounces
picking they brain in amounts of 20 mounds
my sound is pounding craniums
i’m spitting mania
anybody that’s in the radius obliterated bruh
ain’t no lazy in dna, i admit that i am in love with putting hours in
while my peers that i know, are out in clubs getting drunk and faded hoping they becoming popular
i’ll follow up on all their cases
bet they’ve falling off the earth in like 2 years max
yeah my new shit slap
we get tired hearing raps about that you sold crack
and the guns you clap and the weed you bag
but you ain’t fooling us behind the screen we know you sad
i would be sad too
seeing me go cashews, they can’t macadam they look at you like you a taboo
almonds in my attitude my paper of pistachio color
they pecan at my pockets
i know they praying i fumble
got buzz like b-mble bees with a phone that ring on silent
i know the color purple mellow but at times it’s violet
i’m violent i might start a riot
my wave? yeah that’s poseidon
by the time i’m done
my son going to be set, just like horizon
i seen people sprint to switch on they team
like it’s verizon
loyalty and me you get in between
let’s see you try it
god flows i decimate with the triedent
they try to cyphine my lighting end up dying that’s frightening
i drink punch from jim jones
spiked with a vicodin as a chaser
change the formula
he could of added acid for more flavor
i don’t hair shit that b-mp like a dirty razor
i ain’t blending in it got them angry
like a jacked up taper, i’m a one of one
when cooking up so i don’t have to cater
grade a with the laser schedule you to meet up with your maker mark it in
i don’t need no marketing
i’m networking like i’m peter parker
stopping monsters in new york again
circle small like yorker collars
now they want to make amends
planted money trees it’s about that time to start to rake it in
i don’t need no friends my brothers been here since i sparked the pen
point me to the one that claim he king i got sarcophagus