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lirik lagu gweilo ghost - babadook


if i told you the sh~t i’ve done you wouldn’t believe it
like babadook i don’t hide my trauma i just feed it
the shortec made this pavement orthopedic
you say you’re done with me but don’t say it like you mean it
i say it with my chest and then repeat it
i’m bl~~dy, i’m bl~~dy from the xanax i can’t beat it
you pull your affection away from me right when i need it
get geeked to forget but some things just can’t be deleted

i’m born to use
just existings too much
too much sh~t has happened that just can’t be said
i can’t speak to the ones i love
think i got too much pride but deep down i’m just scared
i’m on my knees i just tried to play god
i didn’t choose to be alive that sh~t was force fed
i avert the blame when i know i’ve done wrong
a cowards way out put the gun to my head
cuz i’m better off dead

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