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lirik lagu gutter snypes - trials of life


[verse 1]
i take a trip through the streets of downtown
southsides the sights n sounds that are found clown
i seen people to meet that’s been bottled ‘n’ beat
i got a motto to keep ‘n that’s to keep my heart beat
cos that’s the way i be heading
forgetting the lies when i rise from my bedding
now the chapter soon turns to capture
more honeys av tapped ya money cos they trapped ya
i see sad toys turn to bad boys
glad joys of fads have turned into mad noise
lose my brain will i wreck it
it’s confused so check it
i got through ten litres of ink
‘n ten meters of lines
that link rhymеs i think
who’s a friend does a friend stay truе to the end
or does the word friend blend with a new trend
who’s in pack who grabs the track
who stabs my back with an axe when the raps fact
drop a knife stop ya smile cos ya smiles ya knife
huh, the trials of life

[verse 2]
a government blunders now a war gun thunders
mp’s shoot the breeze for six figure numbers
hundreds of innocent infants in towns getting gunned down
one round one slug what a bugged comedown
i check the news ‘n i get confused
dissect the news ‘n’ the k!llers are yet to choose
who’s to blame for the shame
that one man aim to maintain
for fame let the pain rain
summer winter
even small kids are into
a centre of this
so now disintergrate from straight ducket
hoes going down like pros they like ‘n f~ck it gettin d~ck till they kick
the bucket snakes gotta take from the given
i see kids turn to thugs on drugs is that livin’
within a smile of a wife is a denial of strife
in you she buries her knife the trials of life
[verse 3]
the rain a cascade i think of the stash ‘n’ the cash made
the hash is laid flash in the ashtray
i figure yet another cigarette won’t make a bigger threat
it’s like the triggers met so i dig a cassette
from the back of the rap tracks ‘n’ stacks of fat wax
clean the black cats that smack jacks
what’s the prize shootings on the uprise
it’wise to tell ya guys to shut up when the buck flies
for grabbin’ greens now ya blabbin’ on stabbin’ spleens
a stabbing’ means a teens in jail not havin’ dreams
four walls for sore fools eating scr~ps ‘n morsels
a shower stalls where some f~ggot wh0re rules
so how could i express if my minds aggressive
obsessed with the music that’s impressive
now all my styles turn to piles of strife
peace to you if you can get with the trials of life

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