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lirik lagu gudda gudda – bob marley


[verse 1: gudda gudda]
i woke up early this morning zoning
my girl twist up the herb, we blowing
call up my homies, they coming through with
two lieders sprites, we [?]
my cup [?]
ice to the rim, it’s chilled up
smoke in the air, the purple dank
is a mean combonation, the purple drank
that’s why my speach is slered, [?] smoke to calm my nerves today
burning on the [?], [?] swerving lanes
tonight we bring the mollys out, watch how they make [?]
music loud, blowing loud, as the great bob marley talks

[verse 2: t~streets]
t~streets, i’m up in this b~tch, i’m blowing
light up, [?] i keep them rolling
she can come with me if the head is golden
neck, [?] wrist [?] strictly frozen
me and my n~ggas is mobbin out
we get high, we fried without a doubt
new orleans, the city where i’m from
weed, money, p~ssy, i’m getting some
smoking till i pe~rs~ my lungs, streets [?]
pop the dutch, op the clutch, smoke and watch the whip [?]
styrophome filled up, you know what i’m sippin on
rest in peace to bob marley, we blowing that k!ller strong
[verse 3: gudda gudda & t~streets]
[?] and streets in this b~tch together
m.o.b., n~gga, we ’bout whatever
pass me my cup, i’m in my zone
e.t. high, yep, i’m phoning home
high out my mind, i’m a rolling stone
[?] smoking on
swerving in the coupe, [?]
my [?] i’m poking on
i split the blunt up, like a broken home
pass it to streets, you know i’m gone
sixteen ounces of sprite, i pour [?]
shout out b. marley, you know the song



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