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lirik lagu grey – 44 bars


no interferir con las relaciones de otras personas
monday morning.
i woke up in dizzy.

i was playing video game all night long.
i saw my phone was dimming, it might be dinda, i thought.
i would read her message later,
i knew she might had a lot of things to do this morning;
cleaning her house,
prepared breakfast for her family,
took a bath and went to her college.
i did not want to disturb it.
she turned back at me as i poked her shoulder.
she was a nice-smelled girl with a long hair and beautiful face.
last time i heard all the boys talked about her break up with her boy.
they seemed so happy.
she sat right in front of me
i could see her white teeth dazzling
inside fresh pink lips spreading a cute smile.
suddenly i remembered dinda.
i had not text her back.
i hoped she would be okay.
what was wrong?
she got mad at me.
again i thought.
she did not text me back.
for some reason i only need to ignore it.
she did it about twice a week.
i could not even understand her.
i took my bag and saw there was
something pink tucked among my things inside.
that was winda’s pen.
how stupid i am.
i should give it back.
over the years, j.
cole has stolen many things:
the hearts of millions, kanye’s release date (
born sinner, in stores june 18!), and—not surprisingly—your girl.
over and over again, cole has had his way with her:
he’s crushed on her and subsequently crushed her;
he’s paid attention to your girl when you couldn’t be bothered.
cole, like most young rappers, isn’t really a tough guy.
so one way to talk tough without having to be gangster is to claim
you can steal someone’s girl,
which is pretty cool and doesn’t have to be violent.