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lirik lagu goreoffline - lethal injections



say mane grr mane brr mane brr mane grr mane grr mane
im with flyysoulja at the bank ay
im with flyysoulja getting cake yeah
i got hoes up on my bed stacked up on each other
if you went broke you would kiss yo brother
high off amphetamines im up in the sky [x4]

i remember i used to be broke on my d~ck
i dont have reasons and treasons to go on
whatchu say mane grr mane ~flyysoulja noises pretty much~


got flyysoulja on my phone
with redd4x on a boat
my choppa gonna make you floa~
run up b~tch i run up bands and thats all that i do
run up b~tch i run up bands thats all i f~ckin do
nibxl in thailand thats all i f~ckin do
i get another band thats all i do
put that blade i point at right at you imagine you go out your room and see flyysoulja looking right at you

i was trappin in the psych ward since a jit
ak47 p~ssy yeah i got that f~ckin kit
i been doing 100 xans since a lil f~ckin jit

ever since i madе a band ain’t the same
i been sinking in my seat
with my kеt ain’t the same
feel like gorejit and i really dont like the f~ckin fame
and ill say it again, i been trappin in the psych since a jit
run up on me and ill hit you with my gl!ck
feel like bo2 hit you with a lil f~ckin fl!ck
walk into the f~cking school with my bombs hear a cl!ck
and they started f~ckin scream on god im so sick

im with my soldiers and we makin h~lla bands
i got a glock in my hand
p~ssy b~tch see these bands
ima leave your body 6 feet in the sand

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