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lirik lagu go radio – hold on


“hold on”

let’s get to the point and all take our tongues out
and not show off our scars not leave here with doubts that
things in life well they could’ve been easier
and let’s make sure we fought for all that we leave with
and lessons we’re taught make sure we believe them
and promises kept all turn into secrets we’ll keep to our graves
get down on your knees when
you feel sure the path ahead is about to end
you can never stop or you don’t exist
if you’ve walked your shoes away
then just stop here awhile and just sit here with me and just

hold on
tell me we’ll hold on
to today
to tonight
to the morning
and just hold on
tell me we’ll hold on
cause you feel
cause you breathe
cause when hurting
we are worth it
we can hold on

and we’ve all seen the road
that we all walked to get here
it’s lined with the stones that we cast in our youth
may they glow like a coal
and keep p-ssion inside us
reminding though young and in love we’re all fools
but the time that we spent
in arms and in longing
can rewrite the pages our fathers left here
from a p-ssage of hope and an act of conviction
to letters unsigned and unsent out of fear

you’re so sure the path ahead is about to end
will you throw this all away
or keep pace with a stride that stays even with mine
and we’ll

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