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lirik lagu gnarlynick – blade 2


[verse 1: tns ill will]
ill will on the beat
cruising down the street
your b-tch on my meat
think i’m finna skeet (ew)
at your front door
ain’t no trick or treat
my gang so elite
my gang so elite (oou)
40 on my hip got my kids on her lip (yuh)
hit that hoe like 10k f-cking lean swag dip (oou)
i just met your momma she be cooking tryna strip (yuh)
f-ck my sh-t up and she sit on the tip (oou)

[verse 2: whisper the c0ke god]
i f-ck that hoe and i dip
why are they tryna run up on my drip
why they be talking like take a (?)
oh sh-t i didn’t know that was your b-tch
she said she love my swag, swag, swag, swag, swag (huh)
b-tch hop out my bag, bag, bag, bag, bag (huh)
i know your boyfriend he envy me
she got (?) human centipede
they tryna beef but can’t get to me
choppa got kick like a penalty
cannot belittle me riddle me
why do they hate but they wanna be friends with me
god know they fake to me hop out the (?) for me
she wanna f-ck so she (?) with your mother f-cking money

[verse 3: j3r1ch0]
money on me and it going up (uh)
i bet your man cannot get it up
gold on me b-tch i’m no runner up
you always b-tching while your girl she suck it up (cuaaa!)
ice on my neck and it giving me shivers
i f-ck in the b-tch then i’m dipping quicksilver
my pockets be dripping i’m flowing like river
i got a new b-tch drop the last one like litter (aye)
i’m switching on hoes like i’m ben 10
bust down on a b-tch like motherf-cking mac-10
getting so big i could f-ck on an actress
too many b-tches i f-cked up my mattress
spent 1k on my fabric
shock the game like i’m superhero static
my diamonds be dripping depression like sadness
can’t f-ck with these hoes cause these b-tches dramatic

[verse 4: gnarlynick]
mo-mo-mosh in the pit b-tch the blade hit you
bullets rip you (?) and (?) through your tissue
we got a problem b-tch what is the issue
bullets hit you leaving you discontinued
choppa bump in it go ra pa pa pum!
riding around b-tch i shoot just for fun
extended clip all up on my gun
blood dripping look like red rum
i think this lead hit the f-cking grim reaper
air c-ck back i pull up with the heater
gang pulling we slide down in a beamer
hop out the whip stomp him out with my sneakers
blade tuck pulling up on a (?)
glock 19 b-tch i’m going to catch a body
don’t f-ck with me b-tch you know i get gnarly
(?) i’m a one man army