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lirik lagu genesisthegawd – 4evaheartless


drum god (drum god)
teammate pop your sh~t (over)(pop your sh~t) yeah

[verse 1]

forever heartless
trashing n~ggas like they f~cking garbage
eat it up like you f~cking starving
p~ssy good so he keep on calling
james harden with the way i’m balling
on his knees like you f~cking crawling
bout my paper like a f~cking offering
feeling dead put him in a coffin
i said what i meant
f~ck all the time that we spent
came on the track just to vent
but i end up snapping the sh~t
you with that capping and sh~t
i’m really rapping and sh~t

yeah yeah yeah

[verse 2]

she want beef
tell a b~tch to send the addy
might just f~ck your baby daddy
ride his face just like a caddy
b~tch i’m a beast
b~tch i am raw
f~ck the police cuz i’m breaking the law
i’m off the chain like a leash with no dog
foot on they neck till i’m breaking they jaw
press me a b~tch like my first name was paul
only b~tch you know with shooters on call
b~tch i’ve been balling from winter to fall
my drip imported we don’t do the mall
i just had like several seats
on your favorite n~gga mouth
i got my lashes on the sink
at your favorite n~gga house
and i’ve been getting to the money
so we ain’t been seeing droughts
i thought you was poppin’
till i found out you was
f~cking for the clout
(ah) (f~ck)

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