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lirik lagu furan – needle-in-an-eye


segregate hate
to hear
the mind raping lewd symphony

deceive them
one more time
bring back your forbidden desires

they weep, they scream, they fear
they see the ghouls at night

they bleed, they need to feel
their skin being ripped apart

dye the whiteness
with remnants of crimson lunatics

set the bar high
become the new king of foolishness

[repeat verse]

the pulse of regret is near

lick the blood off my skin
(needle in an eye, needle in an eye)

drink all the acid in me
(needle in an eye, needle in an eye)

wash shame off your hands with spit
(needle in an eye, needle in an eye)

bite off the eyelids of the living
(needle in an eye, needle in an eye)

we haven’t got far in life
their words are corrosive lies
the filth is what fuels our lives

[repeat chorus]

cruel as a god
you wipe off
the smile on your saviors’ faces

seize the death
of others
for your life is also valueless

[repeat verse]

push the th-rn in
between wounded flesh and fingernails

chug and gargle
the vomit from l-stful harlots

[repeat verse]
[repeat chorus x2]