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lirik lagu funeral advantage – you sat alone


i know you just stand up
you know it’s not my fault, it’s not my fault
you’re going to make it worse
because i’m going to take you down with me
not going to hold your breath
just keep sinking
because i’ve been thinking about losing on purpose for so long
i will not walk away until i’m dead
you can go to h~ll
make up your f~cking mind, but i’ll see you there
call him awake
or you can go to bed
won’t that just solve your problems? i’ll see you there

why didn’t you stand up?
if it’s not my fault then it’s not anyone’s
i will not walk away until i hear you say it
i want to hear you say it, so come on and say it

why did you ask for help
when i can’t even dress well or comb my hair?
guess i’ll go back to sleep
confront you in my dreams, but i never see you there