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lirik lagu freddie dredd – names that i know


it’s wonderful, it’s marvelous
that you should care for me

lost in the deep dark
never ever got so far
i can’t find my way back
see the demons back to back
all i see is [?]
bout to have a heart attack
so much evil on my mind
cannot think but i am fine
what the f-ck [?] to see
fingers creepin’ in my dreams
can’t go back now that i know
that i lost my f-ckin home
say goodbye to all i know
all i feel is breeze and cold
don’t know what the f-cking do
as i creep up in your room
see me in yo f-ckin dreams
bout to k!ll yo f-ckin team
you not high now i can see
where you bout to f-ckin be
freddie got that b-tches mane
you will never feel the same
c-ck my glock it bout to aim
put me in the hall of fame

k!lla crazy fool
all that names that i know
better call me freddie dredd
or i put you on the floor