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lirik lagu frank ocean – j.o.b.



i catch z’s at work now
so they’re gonna fire me soon
but i’ve been dreamin’ of our love
i wish my new day job was you

but they say my checks come from the bank
and not your heart. (no not your heart)
they tell me think with my brain like i’m sane
and not my heart. (not my heart)
but if my job was only to love you, yeahh
there wouldn’t be no recession
be no recession, ain’t no depression, depression
if my job was only to love you, yeah
there wouldn’t be no stressin’
be no stressin’, ain’t no pressure
cause it pays way better baby
it pays way better baby, yeahh

my boss works my nerves girl
if you knew him you’d wanna quit too
i just know he’s jealous
cause he’s lonely and i’ve got you
(but what i’mma do)

[repeat chorus]

if i left this place today with the love that we made
i’d be paid for the rest of my life, rest of my life
i love you the rest of my life, oh
be paid for the rest of my life
ohhh ohhh ohhhh ohhh ohhhh