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lirik lagu flow season – let’s get dangerous


[intro: sample – tourette’s guy]
hahahahahahaha. ah, sh-t!

[verse 1: wack]
this whole verse
is entirely freestyled
spit it dirty like we vermin
eternally wild child, it’s the
big baby boys back on the beat
obliterating lackadaisic
basic bars’ll be breached
me and fleeze
take a knee to our feet
scream please for that new sh-t
feeding your team
put on your sh-t kickers
and stomp to the beat
take a walk through the crowd
show everybody your teeth
heads ‘bout to roll in this b-tch
on some gladiator
hater-fading, oderus sh-t
we globally sick, locally p-ssed
evoking the kid
prod him with a poker
’til he’s throwing his bricks
you pr-cks
one strike away from being villains
iller than a village pillaged by a virus
k!lled a million
that’s that, slap your b-lls to the bat
don’t bother coming to the game
we’ll spit the brim off your hat

[hook: sample (fleeze, wack)]
let’s get dangerous
(never fret, you can call ’em collect, you bet)
let’s get dangerous
(it’s fs on your varsity vest, finesse)

[verse 2: fleeze]
first thing’s first
f-ck college
then we work work work
and f-ck knowledge
line their f-cking pockets
with the dollars of the inbred
backwoods trailer trash
who ain’t been fed
that’s the motto of the dub v money
ain’t a f-cking problem if the sky’s not sunny
if you’re under f-cking ground
making barely any money
and the water’s been poisoned
by the gold-grubbing sc-m
it’s kind of funny
your nose is runny
you cough a lung up
now your phlegm’s all bl–dy
can’t make a house payment
‘cause the man’s been cutting
all the hours you were promised
now the sh-t’s getting crummy
so what we gonna do?
they pay a low wage
and stack their gold to the roof
they’re closing their eyes
and hope we do what we do
when we pull the f-ck out
it’s what millennials do

[hook: sample (fleeze, wack)]
let’s get dangerous
(never fret, you can call ’em collect, you bet)
let’s get dangerous
(it’s fs on your varsity vest, finesse)

[verse 3: charlie dub]
c fleeze and wack angus
put me up on the beat
we got the whole 304 out here
stomping they feet
they hungry, they tryna eat
we drop the rhymes on these streets
chew up the new song
and want another like “please”
out of f-cking breath
please p-ss me the inhaler
we ready for the ticket
can somebody call the waiter
your boyfriend talking slick
that’s what we call a hater
now i’m in her teeth
like a f-cking now n later
booty like a steak
sear, flip, baste it, done
put it in your face
here, lick, taste it son
beats we tryna blaze
we’re sick, face it, done
out here every day
like beer face the blunt
f-cking dangerous like darkwing duck
angus out here dissing
don’t you wanna get snuck
c fleeze is sh-tting on you like a sewage truck
alpaca bring the b-ss
make your girl wanna whaaaat?