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lirik lagu five for fighting – note to the unknown soldier


“note to the unknown soldier”

i don’t know you
i never met you
for laughs i’ll call you sam
you were the son
of mrs. someone
i hope she understands

sam you were all that you had
are you happy or sad
i never knew you
but i’m told you’re the best we had

were you so tall
did you play basketball
was there a sweetheart at home
did you write her letters
did it make you better face the great unknown

sam did you feel alone
you were so far from home
i never knew you
but i know you’re the best man i know

could you tell it was time
see it coming in the back of your mind
when it was over, was it over
sam i’m glad you’re on my side

i don’t know you
i never met you
can i call you sam
did you have a son
a daughter with a little one
i might go and thank sam you’re the best that we have

you make me happy and sad
if you were here, i’d buy the beers
i’d shake your hand and say good man
and though the sun would shine about the same
it’s a better world because you came
sincerely yours, my kids will know your name