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lirik lagu first aid kit – winter is all over you


“winter is all over you”

well you drove off in the summer rain
i waved to you like a sleeping dream
told me to stay callous if someone bothered me
“the eiffel tower, the marching band
but i’m sure you wouldn’t understand”
i just hope you don’t stay gone

don’t leave this world to me

i saw your mother at the department store
she looked innocent like a still-born
but all i could think about was the sting
since you’ve gone nothing’s been the same
the wind don’t sing and the sky’s so dim
i’ve seen her staring up to it saying

don’t leave this world to me

when the winter calls to war
when the spring sets in once more
when the summer starts to sing
when the fall comes marching in
you’ll leave this world to me